Domestic Violence

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New Jersey Domestic Violence Lawyers

The domestic violence attorneys at the Law Office of Bruno and Ferraro have extensive experience handling domestic violence matters. Our experienced NJ trial lawyers are able to provide you with representation in domestic violence proceedings, whether you are the victim or the defendant. It is extremely useful to speak with a NJ domestic violence attorney prior to the filing of a domestic violence complaint to ensure that the complaint is prepared properly and completely. Moreover, we recommend that you have proper legal representation at the time of the Final Restraining Order Hearing.

New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act

 The Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, N.J.S.A. 2C:25-17 et seq., provides that domestic violence matters involve incidents of violence that occur between a spouse, former spouse, household member or individuals involved in a dating relationship. The act does not protect those who are the victims of violence committed by strangers, co-workers or other acquaintances. The Act specifies that domestic violence is the occurrence of one or more of the following:

  1. Homicide
  2. Assault
  3. Terroristic threats
  4. Kidnaping
  5. Criminal restraint
  6. False imprisonment
  7. Sexual assault
  8. Criminal sexual contact
  9. Lewdness
  10. Criminal mischief
  11. Burglary
  12. Criminal Trespass
  13. Harassment
  14. Stalking

How can a person obtain a restraining order in New Jersey?

There are two steps in obtaining a restraining order. Complaint – First, victims may file a complaint with the Family Part of the Chancery Division of the Superior Court during weekdays and normal courthouse hours. On the weekends, holidays, evenings or other times that the courthouse is not open, a victim may seek protection through a Municipal Court Judge. At this stage, the court may enter an ex parte Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in favor of the victim if the judge determines that an imminent danger of domestic