While the holiday season promises fun-filled days, all of this can easily be ruined if you find yourself stopped for a DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated). This is especially true if you live in New Jersey, as local law enforcement has ramped up their efforts to prevent such incidents from occurring.

If you want to keep yourself (and others) safe on the road during the upcoming holidays, you need to understand what places to avoid. You should also know about the possible penalties of getting caught in a DUI and how you can defend yourself in this situation.

Locations of frequent DUI and DWI arrests 

First of all, we would never recommend driving while under any influence or while intoxicated. However, even if you do not drink enough to warrant an arrest, playing it safe is never a bad idea.

Arrests for DUIs and DWIs can happen anywhere in New Jersey, but these are most frequent in Essex County, Morris County, and Passaic County. If you are planning to drive through any of these counties, remember to be careful. Not only are you at greater risk of getting pulled over, but the possibility of running into drunk drivers on the road is also high.

The charges of DUI and DWI arrests

If you are caught for a DUI or DWI, there are some changes you can expect to face. These charges will depend on a few factors, such as how intoxicated you are at the time and whether you have a history of similar offenses.

In any case, you may expect to face up to 180 days in jail or have your license taken away for up to ten years. If you have never been caught before, the charges you can expect include having your license suspended for three months and a possible fee. Do know that once you are convicted, there will be no reducing the punishments.  

Defending yourself from DUI and DWI arrests 

While you will not be able to reduce the consequences once you are charged, there are still ways you can defend yourself and avoid getting charged in the first place. To do so, you will need to work with a professional lawyer with expertise on the subject. They will help you craft the best defense possible to increase your chances of having the charges dismissed, keeping you safe from any possible consequences.


Everyone gets into the mood to drink when the holidays arrive. Always remind yourself to drink responsibly and try your best to avoid driving at all if you have drunk. If you are caught for a DUI or DWI, be sure to have your lawyer’s contact at the ready. As we said earlier, they will help defend your case, giving you a high chance of leaving the court with the charges dismissed.

Having said that, the best solution to this problem is prevention. Do not drink and drive if you do not have to, and this will guarantee that you will not find yourself stopped in a potentially dangerous situation. 

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