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One of the most contentious and stressful aspects of any NJ divorce case is alimony, financial support paid to one spouse by the other after a divorce is finalized. In a divorce situation, either party, husband or wife, may have to pay or may qualify to receive support.
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Types Of Alimony And Factors That Must Be Considered In a NJ Divorce

In New Jersey Judges have very substantial discretion in awarding alimony. When arriving at alimony awards, the main objective of the NJ courts is to provide each spouse with a standard of living similar to what was maintained during the marriage. Unlike child support, there is no one formula the New Jersey courts use for deciding upon and then finally awarding alimony. Rather there are a flexible set of factors that may be considered in determination including:


Length of marriage,


The marital lifestyle the couple enjoyed,


Income of both spouses,


Anticipated post-divorce expenses,


Educational level,


Employment history,


Future employment opportunities,


As well as other financial obligations including child support.

Alimony also has significant tax implications in New Jersey. If you receive alimony, that is considered taxable income and alimony is a tax deduction for the parties who pay it.

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