Generally, all crimes are tough to deal with because of how rigorous the New Jersey law system has become in recent years. Yet, the difficulty that comes with a charge of resisting arrest remains unparalleled. 

The power of law enforcement continues to remain stronger than ever because of existing laws and the constant reinforcement of authoritative rights over citizens of the state. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances, where human error (or ulterior motives) may take over and leave the innocent subject to facing a charge of resisting arrest. 

A guide to everything that you should know

Whether it was because of an argument at a stoplight or a case of mistaken identity, it is critical to respond to any potential case of resisting arrest as best as possible to avoid complications. If you find yourself or a loved one in such a situation and don’t know what to do, here’s a concise guide to everything that you should know.

What is at stake in a resisting arrest charge?

The first thing that anyone should understand about a resisting arrest charge in New Jersey is that it isn’t just a small inconvenience because there is much at stake. 

Consisting of various types of qualified acts, the crime in question can leave those accused sentenced with charges that could result in up to five years in prison. In other cases, those who are found by the court to be guilty of resisting arrest can also be subject to hefty fines and additional inconveniences from further litigation.

Fortunately, in cases like these, a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey—such as Bruno & Ferraro’s established experts—can help you resolve your charges!

On preventing further issues

When you are being sentenced for resisting arrest, you must remain extremely cautious when speaking with prosecutors or other officials so that you don’t end up putting your chances at risk. For this reason, keeping these key tips in mind as you navigate through the process and seek to overturn charges brought against you will help heighten your chances of walking free: 

1. Avoid speaking with prosecutors or judges on your own

While the term “you have the right to remain silent” is something that is recited to you during the arrest, it’s critical to note that it also applies when facing a charge of resisting arrest.

Although it may not seem like such a major detail at first, exercising the right to remain silent is vital if you want to preserve the available defenses that you have for your case. Unfortunately, many overlook this key detail and end up putting themselves in dire straits after admitting something that can be used against them or simply overextending their narratives to the point of being seen as breaching court oaths!

You see, simply explaining what happened when speaking to a court judge or state prosecutor isn’t so simple because it can leave you vulnerable to the effects of subjectivity. Considering that prosecutors are primarily looking for ways to win their case (which is essentially one being filed against you), it is best to bring a lawyer in first because state professionals may:

  • Find small inconsistencies in your statements that may be used to build a stronger case against you
  • Twist your words in a way that can be used to make you look guilty in front of a jury during cross-examination procedures

2. Use your right to speak with a lawyer

Often, those being prosecuted for resisting arrest heighten their chances of walking away from pressing charges when they consult with an expert criminal lawyer.

If there’s anything you need to know about dealing with a charge of resisting arrest, it’s that the right to be represented by a criminal defense lawyer is one of your most valuable legal rights. With the help of dependable experts like Bruno & Ferraro, you will stand a chance against law enforcement officials who are most interested in winning a case against you. 

Here are some ways a New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will work to protect your rights and interests throughout the case:

  • They will determine whether there are defenses available
  • They will develop a powerful legal strategy
  • They will present the most favorable evidence
  • They will review the evidence in your case
  • They will ensure the laws are applied fairly and correctly


Dealing with a charge of resisting arrest can easily make for a rather challenging situation, where you are forced to exercise as much care as possible to avoid further issues down the line. Thankfully, sticking to this guide and following it carefully will allow you to prevent any other issues from popping up and increase your chances of avoiding a hefty sentence during court proceedings! 

We’re a team of top criminal lawyers in Bergen County, NJ, with decades of collective experience and expertise that will best work to your advantage when you are prosecuted for resisting arrest. If you’re looking for a top-notch legal counsel composed of the best criminal defense attorneys for your case, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation!