Driving while drunk or intoxicated is prohibited by New Jersey state law and carries heavy penalties if convicted. And while there are many legitimate instances where ‘driving while intoxicated’ (DWI) occurs, there are also times when the so-called “drunk driver” is not truly in an intoxicated state. Given the state of New Jersey’s tough stance on the matter, it is very important to hire an experienced legal professional to handle your case.

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It is important to note that if you are suspected of being drunk or intoxicated on New Jersey roads and highways, police can compel you to participate in field sobriety testing or take a breath test on the specialized Alcotest machine. If, through the testing, it is established that your blood-alcohol level is more than 0.08%, serious charges can be the result. The officer on the scene will also analyze your psychophysical state and level of impairment and then make a judgment about your condition. As such, the results of these tests are highly subjective.

Challenging these judgments is a specialty of the attorneys at Bruno and Ferraro, the best Bergen county DWI lawyers. It’s their job to analyze the arresting officer’s procedural actions in order to provide clients with a vigorous defense. Part of what these top-notch attorneys do best is to ensure that you understand the charges you’re facing and the legal process they are handling for you.

If you have been charged with a DWI case in or around New Jersey, it is very important to get in touch with the experienced, aggressive and skilled attorneys at Bruno and Ferraro. They will even challenge the validity of your prior DWI cases to protect against the potential loss of your driver’s license.
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