If you get into an accident, personal injury protection plans make it easier for you to resolve rising medical bills and other expenses that are covered by insurance. Also known as PIP or no-fault insurance, New Jersey law requires this type of insurance to be purchased by all vehicle owners. When working with your attorney in Ferraro, it’s best to get a deeper understanding of the various personal injury policies sold within the state.

Standard Personal Injury Statutes

Under the New Jersey Legislative Statutes, every type of auto insurance policy must be issued along with personal injury protection benefits. Regardless of negligence, liability, or fault, holders of this type of insurance will reap PIP benefits.

These benefits are also available to family members who reside in the same household as the policyholder. Thus, persons who are borrowing the vehicle or with the policyholder at the time of the accident can receive the same benefits. However, keep in mind that this type of insurance may not cover any accidents if you are driving for services such as Uber or Lyft. Generally, using your vehicle for commercial purposes will require additional insurance.

Medical Costs Covered by Personal Injury Protection

Concerning a vehicular accident, New Jersey’s personal injury protection plans cover a wide range of medical expenses. Among the medical bills that may be reimbursable to policyholders are:

  • Ambulance transportation costs
  • Diagnostic services and medical testing
  • Medical services and treatment
  • Surgery and other hospital bills
  • Additional medications
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Especially to ease the additional stress of financial debts, this type of coverage can be extremely valuable to families involved in a car wreck. However, these benefits do come with their limits. How much medical coverage you receive will depend on the limits of the policy you’ve selected. It will also only cover treatments directly related to the accident itself.

Other Expense Coverage

Covering beyond medical expenses, PIP can also pay income continuation benefits if you are unable to immediately return to work after the accident. It may also cover services for completing everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning that the injured can’t otherwise complete due to recovery. Lastly, it also provides funeral expenses if a policyholder or covered relative is killed during the accident.

Options for PIP Coverage

Though New Jersey only requires $15,000 of personal injury protection coverage, drivers can opt to buy-in up to $250,000. Though low coverage amounts make for more affordable insurance premiums, they may not be able to provide you with enough coverage for piling medical bills.

Additionally, by paying a higher deductible amount, you can enjoy a lower insurance premium but ultimately be left with a larger out-of-pocket bill. However, drivers can select their health insurance as primary coverage under personal injury protection laws. Though it reduces the costs of auto insurance, it must be exhausted before PIP begins to cover anything at all. That means you may not get any of the PIP benefits you paid for.

Claiming PIP Benefits

To receive PIP benefits, you’ll need to provide your insurance carrier with a detailed list of your injuries. Though personal injury protection isn’t based on fault, you’ll still need to adhere to strict deadlines and submit various documents to claim your benefits. Working with an experienced lawyer can ensure that you don’t lose any of your benefits by helping you communicate with your insurance company and filing the right forms.


Though recovering from an accident can be a long and painful process, having financial compensation can ease the stress of injury. By understanding your options for local personal protection plans, you can always be prepared in case of an accident.

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